Board Sponsorship; Green Room; Online Bidding

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Auction Board Sponsorships are for an entire broadcast day and are available for a $3,000 tax-deductible contribution.

During the Auction, donated items are shown on various Auction boards. Auction Board Sponsors receive the following multi-media mix of promotional benefits:

  • On-air copy describing your company
  • Visual and audio recognition of company name and/or logo throughout your sponsorship day
  • Acknowledgement of your support in a post-event televised “Thank You” spot
  • Opportunity for staff involvement
  • Online promotion
  • Acknowledgement of your support in a post-Auction print piece
  • Opportunity to gain additional visibility by providing an “overbid” incentive to high bidders of items on your board

For more info, call Lori Marks at 216-916-6284 or send an e-mail to

Download this list of Auction board sponsorship benefits.

2017 WVIZ/PBS Live Televised Auction Board Sponsors

WVIZ/PBS would like to thank the following community-minded corporations for their Board Sponsor support:

The Sherwin-Williams Company

2017 WVIZ/PBS Live Televised Auction Green Room Sponsor

Miceli Dairy Product

2017 Online Bidding and Auction Page

Availability - Exclusive to one underwriter

Throughout the Auction, Online Bidding and Auction Page sponsor will receive:

  • 300 x 250 digital tile ad on every page of the Auction website
  • Name mention of organization throughout WVIZ/PBS Auction online pages
  • On-air recognition 5x each day

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