Go-Getter Volunteer Opportunities!

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Go-Getter Volunteer! The WVIZ/PBS Auction team will enjoy working with you!

The WVIZ/PBS Televised Auction is seeking enthusiastic volunteers, people like you who are willing to support a cause they believe in! We need your energy and your knowledge of your own community as you serve as a liaison between area merchants in your community and your public television station, WVIZ/PBS. We need you to be a Go-Getter!

It’s exciting, it’s fun, and it’s vital to the success of the WVIZ/PBS Televised Auction, a fundraising event that raises over $500,000 for programming. These dollars support the same programming and services that are important to you and your family. It’s a true partnership.

As a WVIZ/PBS Televised Auction Go-Getter Volunteer, you may:

  • Visit the businesses you already frequent and say “I’m a WVIZ/PBS Go-Getter Volunteer!” Then help them to make their donation. After all, they enjoy WVIZ/PBS too!
  • “Go-get" where you live or where you work!
  • Get a friend to work with you or make new WVIZ/PBS go-getting friends on your own!
  • Make your calls from home or come to WVIZ/PBS to make them with other Go-Getter Volunteers!
  • Specialize and just contact antique or art donors!

It’s fun, it’s easy and we can't do it without you! For everything you would like to know about Go-Getting, read below. It takes only a few hours of your time. And most importantly, you’ll be playing a role in helping WVIZ/PBS provide quality, non-commercial programming to all Northeastern Ohio. Will you help? We really can't do it without you!

If you have an interest in becoming a Go-Getter Volunteer please, CLICK HERE to download the 2017 WVIZ/PBS Auction Volunteer Online Form!

Go-Getting: Everything You Wanted to Know at a Glance

What does a Go-Getter do?

Go-Getters contact donors who have given in previous years and others to determine if they will make a contribution. If the answer is “yes,” Go-Getters “go and get” the item(s), fill out the appropriate form(s), and bring the item(s) to the Warehouse.

How do I contact new donors?

Go-Getters may contact new donors after checking with the Auction Office to make sure that no other Go-Getter is contacting them. Plan to contact new businesses in your area, businesses you frequent and like, businesses owned by people you know personally.

What do Coordinators and Captains do?

Captains and Coordinators are “team leaders” for Go-Getters and serve as liaisons with the Auction Office.  They are the resource for any questions that Go-Getters may have.

What kind of training is provided?

A very important training session is held at a Kickoff meeting in February. Because new information is covered, the Kickoff meeting is valuable even for experienced Go-Getters. Information and Donor Target Cards are distributed and a Q&A session.

How much time does Go-Getting take?

Go-Getters set their own timetable and work at their own pace. Donor Target Cards are provided in February.  Potential donors are contacted through early April. In April, collected items are brought to the Auction Warehouse.

Go-Getter telemarketers

Go-Getter Telemarketers contact prospective donors on the phone rather than in person. You may make calls to donors provided by your Coordinator or during call out days.  The Auction Office will notify you in advance of the specific dates of the “call out days.”

Go-Getter drivers

Go-Getter Drivers actually visit the donors to pick up the items. You may or may not be asked to help the donor fill out the donor form.  These pickups are done at your convenience and you will call the donor and prearrange a day and time.

If you would like more information on becoming a Go-Getter Volunteer or Go-Getter Driver, please call the Volunteer Coordinator at 216-916-6156 or e-mail us!

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