Rover Pipeline Construction Activity Leads To 2 Million Gallon Spill

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Construction of an interstate natural gas pipeline crossing through central Ohio led to two spills of mud into wetlands in Richland and Stark Counties.

The spills were reported by the Houston-based Rover Pipeline company on April 13th and 14th to Ohio EPA. The mud that came to the surface during drilling for the pipeline is used as a lubricant.

A two million gallon spill in Stark County required berms to keep the clay from flowing into the Tuscarawas River. The other, 50,000 gallon, release in Richland has been cleaned up.

It has not affected the river or private water supplies, according to Ohio EPA.

The $4.2 billion Rover pipeline gathers natural gas in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania for distribution throughout the US. It’s scheduled for completion in November.

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