New Way to Make Color; Breast Cancer Risk; Oberlin Meeting House 175th Anniversary

The emotional journey of adoptees begins as children  but can continue through life.. 
An upcoming retreat hosted by the Adoption Network Cleveland focuses on adult adoptees.  

 Inspired by birds! Researchers at the University of Akron have developed a new way to create colors. Now companies are flocking to work with them.

When this First Church Meeting House in Oberlin  opened it invited all people inside to worship together. 175 Years later, its mission and message of inclusion and respect remains relevant.


Ali Dhinojwala, PhD,  Univeristy of Akron Polymer Science Department Morton Professor

Dr. Holly Pederson, Cleveland Clinic Director of Medical Breast Cancer Services 

Zoe Breen Wood, PhD, Case Western Reserve University, Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences Assistant Professor

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