NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #10

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  We want to know what you want to learn more about. Tell us what you're interested in and we just might pick a special story out just for you!

Lized, St. Mary Magdalene School:  I want to learn more about careers to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  I want to know a lot of different jobs, so I can pick which one is best for me when I grow up.

Joshua, St. Susanna School:  I want to learn about Pi…









Mckenna, Avon Heritage Elementary:  I want to learn more about is history. I think history is really cool! It just fills your brain with knowledge about the past. Even your great-great grandma could be part of some type of history.  You could get to get to know the person. But my point is that I think history is a good subject.

Caleb, Huntington Elementary:  I want to learn about how the military. Since a lot of my family joined the service, I want to learn about all the different branches they have, and what they do. I also want to know why each branch has different uniforms, when they are all fighting for the same thing, which is fighting for our country and freedom.

Lily, Pleasant Run Elementary:  The one thing that I want to learn about is the first landing on moon and how NASA made it happen?  I would love to learn how they accomplished it.  Of course I wasn’t around when it happened but I seem very interested about it.

News Cat - Drawn by Sarah, Preston Elementary

News Cat - Drawn by Sarah, Preston Elementary

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