Mindless Eating

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You can resolve to eat healthy foods and get in shape. You can pump iron, pound pavement, tire out the treadmill. You can take advantage of our world-class health care institutions for counsel and motivation. And still it can all be sabotaged with a bag of chips that's suddenly empty in your hands. On this edition of the Sound of Ideas: Mindless eating. How snacks attack our best intentions and what you can do to keep a lid on the cookie jar.


Dr. Susan Albers Website


Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous


Cleveland Clinic Children's Programs




Dr. Susan Albers, Clinical Psychologist and New York Times Bestselling Author on Mindfull Eating

Janeen Leon, Nutritionist, MetroHealth

Dr. Sara Lappé- Pediatrician and Medical Director of the Be Well Kids Clinic, Cleveland Clinic Children's

“Carrie”, Food Addicts Anonymous

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