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90.3 WCPN
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Connect With Citizens Who Shape Northeast Ohio

More than 2.8 million people turn to ideastream each month to explore new ideas and new worlds through radio, television and online content.

Noncommercial, Uncluttered and Educational

NPR is the most respected news-gathering agency in the United States.

90.3 WCPN delivers NPR and local news, in-depth features, intelligent talk and jazz throughout Northeast Ohio.


During the weekday commute, 90.3 WCPN carries trusted national and international news from Morning Edition and All Things Considered, while local reporters cover community, regional and state issues with the same thoughtful perspective on The Sound of Ideas®. Mid-days, locally produced The Sound of Applause explores the arts and cultural trends. On the weekends, listeners laugh with the likes of Car Talk, Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me and This American Life.

For more than a half decade, Americans have ranked PBS the most trusted institution among nationally known organizations.


WVIZ/PBS inspires audiences to “Be More” in their pursuit of lifelong learning. In the mornings and afternoons, PBS KIDS teaches cognitive skills through imaginative shows like Sesame Street, Curious George and Clifford the Big Red Dog. In the evenings, business and community leaders rely on objective news programs like PBS NewsHour and Washington Week. In Prime Time, cultural enrichment abounds with favorites like Nova, Antiques Roadshow, and American Experience. On weekends hobbyists find tips for their next "big thing" from home improvement to cooking to travel.

Original productions by ideastream capture the essence of our communities and examine local concerns, from business to legislature, from education to leisure: The Sound of Ideas®, The Sound of Applause, The City Club, Applause, BackStage with..., Ideas, NewsDepth, and The State of Ohio.

WCLV 104.9 has gained an international reputation as a leading classical music broadcaster and producer and distributor of culturally oriented programming.

WCLV 104.9 makes the world of classical music accessible, with friendly and informative commentary to provide companionship, inspiration and respite from the stress of everyday life. WCLV 104.9 nourishes greater Cleveland’s cultural life, broadcasting concerts throughout the year from a variety of local ensembles and performances from The Cleveland Orchestra, Apollo’s Fire and the Baldwin-Wallace Bach Festival.

Underwriting Generates Marketing Results

David A. Brichford

Delivers Return on Your Investment
95% of public radio listeners took a direct action as a result of sponsorship, acting on their preference to do business with partners of their station.*
66% of PBS viewers would choose to buy a product from a company that supports PBS, all other things being equal.**

Builds Brand Loyalty and Trust
58% of listeners surveyed believe companies that sponsor programs on public radio are more credible than those that advertise on commercial radio.*
57% of PBS viewers agree that underwriters are industry leaders.**

Cultivates Clients and Consumers
75% of NPR listeners prefer to buy products and services from companies that support public radio, when price and quality are equal.*
46% of PBS Viewers have bought a company’s products or services because they appreciated their charity or involvement in the community.**

Shows Your Good Corporate Citizenship
80% of public radio listeners hold a more positive opinion of a company when they learn it supports public radio.*
68% feel that companies that fund PBS have a commitment to quality and excellence.**

Targets by Interest
Leverage our television programming genres to increase visibility with those most inclined to use your product or services.

* Source: NPR / Jacobs Media, 2007, conducted by Edison Media Research.
** Source: 2006 PBS Sponsorship Awareness Study, Harris Interactive.

Strategic Marketing Partnership Focused on Your Goals

ideastream Media Options

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Craig Thomas

90.3 WCPN and WCLV 104.9 Broadcast Messages
15-seconds in length, voiced by station talent, written in an objective style that listeners expect and appreciate (30-second announcements available to nonprofit organizations)

WVIZ/PBS Broadcast Messages
15-seconds or 30-seconds in length, professionally produced at no cost, in an objective style that viewers expect and appreciate

Station Event Sponsorships
Station Event Sponsorships help you connect directly with our audience, offer networking opportunities with viewers, listeners and members
* WVIZ/PBS Televised Auction: offers visibility in a unique promotion with the opportunity to have your organization’s spokesperson appear on-air, provide auction underwriting, and/or donate an item; demonstrates your organization’s support of public television
* Heinen's/WVIZ World Series of Wine: event sponsorship and networking opportunities with attendees as well as relationship marketing with your clients

A message that is consistent with the programming, in its tone, character and style, enhances its effectiveness.

Commercial advertising is written in an attempt to cut through clutter. On 90.3 WCPN 2-10 messages air per hour. On WVIZ/PBS a maximum of 3 minutes, 14 seconds per hour is devoted to sponsorship versus up to 20 minutes on commercial TV. Without clutter, and presented in a straightforward non-commercial manner, your message stands out and resonates with the audience.

The most successful underwriters have clear, direct announcements.

These messages…
State the name of the underwriter
Describe mission, products, services or special events hosted by the underwriter
Offer listeners/viewers a means to contact the underwriter (address, phone, Web)
Are written in an objective style that listeners/viewers expect and appreciate

Your ideastream representative will work with your goals and budget to customize an effective campaign.

Underwriting on ideastream delivers dual marketing benefits to your organization: Your message reaches an exceptionally devoted audience that is hard to capture through traditional media. Your support of a respected, nonprofit public service generates goodwill.

Contact Lori Zoss Kraska today about underwriting ideastream: 216-916-6180