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WEEKEND RADIO – Advance listings – March and April 2019

WR 1910
Weekend of 03/02/19
Richard Stilgo plays his most famous number – “4,700,891.” Peter Cook and Douglas Moore tell us about “Teaching Ravens to fly Under Water” and the religious order of the “Tramponuns.” Richard Howland-Bolton’s topic is “Correct, Not Right!” This Week in the Media.”

WR 1911
Weekend of 03/09/19
The Metropolitan Opera begins it’s 2019 broadcasts of Wagner’s “Ring of the Nieberlungs” on this date.  To insure that you know what this cycle of four very long operas is all about, we present Anna Russell’s analysis. Other opera items include Peter Ustinov’s “Mock Mozart,” the Royal Canadian Air Farce’s “Opera Cops” and two unique renditions of the “Barber of Seville” Overture by Mickey Katz and the King’s Singers.
Mark Levy talks about being “A Connoisseur of Prescription Vials.”  This Week in the Media.

WR 1912
Weekend of 03/16/19
Stuart McLean tells the story of “Dave Crosses the Border.” Also a Peter Sellers’ mélange including “Now is the Winter of our Discontent,” “Fuller’s Earth,” “Smith” and “Boiled Bananas and Carrots.” Richard Howland-Bolton discusses “Plodding Humor.”
This Week in the Media

WR 1913
Weekend of 03/23/19
Theodore Bikel tells about the archeological project “Digging the Weans,: Jan C Snow, Marty Feldman and Bernard Breslaw discuss the handiness of “Feet.”  And some welcoming  songs for Spring.  This Week in the Media.





WR 1914
Weekend Radio
Weekend of 03/30/19
Concertos with Morecambe and Wise offering an odd version of the Grieg Concerto; the Cambridge Buskers and their vision of the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto, Michael Bentine is a concert announcer introducing a cellist, and from the Hoffnung Festival Leopold Mozart’s “Hosepipe” Concerto.  Richard Howland-Bolton “Panics.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1915
Weekend Radio
Weekend of 04/06/19
We re-visit Tom Lehrer and introduce him to the younger generation. Bob Hope takes over the Jack Benny Show. Mark Levy asks if “You’ve got an EGOT?” This Week in the Media.”

WR 1916
Weekend Radio
Weekend of 04/13/19
We haven’t played any Gamble Rogers in a while, today we will hear, among others, “Saturday Afternoon at the Baby Grand,” The Passion of Miss Eulalah Singleterry, “Troubadour Emeritus ,”  Also the Vestibules and  their biggest hit “Bulbous Boufant” and some related items. Mark Levy is “Full of It.” This Week in the Media.

WR 1917
Weekend Radio
Weekend of 04/20/19
All about Little Orphan Annie with Jean Shepherd and Stan Freberg. Some Spike Milligan gems including “Word Power,” “Another Lot,” “Cougher Royal,” Jan C. Show discusses “Eggs,” as this is Easter Weekend,  also Jim and Jean’s late 1960 hit “Crucifixion.” This Week in the Media

WR 1918
Weekend Radio
Weekend of 04/27/19
Stuart McLean tells the story of being “In the Weeds. Stan Freberg and Peter Sellers offer their versions of “The Rock Island Line.”  Jan C. Snow expounds on “State Musical Instruments.”  This Week in the Media.


WR 1919
Weekend Radio
Stan Freberg’s double hits “John and Marsha” and “A Dear John Letter.” In a Peter Cook and  Dudley Moore squabble over playing Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 as a piano solo. Some other Beethoven 5 items. Richard Howland-Bolton asks “Don’t Confuse the Wii.”  This Week in the Media.  


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