ideastream Reporter Roundtable: Some Of 2017's Big Stories

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As we come into a new year it’s a good time to gather round the fire, or around the microphones in Studio 4 to chat about the year that was, and maybe the year to be.  With that in mind, ideastream's Tony Ganzer joined reporters Mark Urycki, Elizabeth Miller, Nick Castele, Adrian Ma, and Ashton Marra.

This year has been a big one for news, we saw a so-called travel ban from the White House affect refugee resettlement in Northeast Ohio, we saw a Cleveland mayoral race bring in the fourth term for Frank Jackson, we saw the Cavs reshuffle their roster after falling short in the NBA finals…but the discussion starts with the story of Puerto Rico. 

Hurricane Maria devastated the island, and many of ideastream's reporters have been involved in keeping up with the Puerto Rican community in Northeast Ohio in how they responded to the devastation.  

Cleveland's Puerto Rican Community Mobilizes After Hurricane Maria
Ohio Woman Tells Of 'Heartbreaking' Condition For Family In Puerto Rico
Feeding America to Ship Northeast Ohio Supplies to Puerto Rico
Emotional Send-off For Ohio Aid Meant For Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Enrollment Up in Northeast Ohio Post Maria
Local Development Groups Assist Puerto Rican Arrivals with Job Search
In Hurricane Aftermath, Puerto Ricans Being Resettled in Ohio Face Mental Health Issues
Families who fled devastation in Puerto Rico attend resource fair in Cleveland
After Maria, Hundreds of Families Look to Cleveland for a New Life

Also covered in this conversation:

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The continuing opioid crisis
Recently Homeless Veterans Provide Insight Into Opioid Epidemic
Treating Addiction For Veterans 'Takes A Village'
Fentanyl in the Mail: Opioids Are Arriving in Ohio from Overseas

Unsettled: Immigration in Ohio

DACA and Ohio

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