Making It: Nooma - From Ice Rink to Sports Drink

Making It

MAKERS: Brothers Brandon and Jarred Smith

BUSINESS: Nooma, an organic electrolyte-replacement drink.

HOW IT STARTED: The brothers played hockey their whole lives, finishing their careers on minor league teams. As athletes, they drank a lot of sports drinks, but found few options they liked, so they decided to make their own. "I kinda had the initial problem with the acid reflux," Jarred says. "We were just looking for an option and couldn't find something that we liked."

HOW DOES IT WORK: Nooma helps replenish electrolytes lost during intense workouts and when you're dehydrated. "You really need sodium and potassium to pass through cell walls," Brandon says. "You're losing more than just water when you sweat."

CLEVELAND IS THE CITY: Born and raised in the area, the brothers knew they had a better shot at success building the brand locally. "We were able to get business because we're from here," Jarred said. "I don't know if all these opportunities to help us grow would have been afforded to us in California."

WHERE CAN I TRY IT? If you're part of the Cleveland fitness community, you've probably already seen the Nooma Bros. around town handing out drinks at local athletic competitions. With warehouses in Ohio, Missouri, and California, Nooma is poised to beginning rolling-out distribution to national grocer Whole Foods. You can also find it locally at Heinen's and Dave’s Market.

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