NewsDepth 2021-2022 | Episode 22

In this week's episode, we visit Moldova, where compassionate villagers are opening their doors to their displaced Ukrainian neighbors.

Next, we learn about the restrictions on the press in Russia, and take a closer look at the “fake news” coming from the government-controlled media there. 

Then, we travel to an icy sea off the coast of Antarctica, where a crew recently unearthed a century-old shipwreck using modern technology.  

Finally, we celebrate St. Paddy’s Day by tracing Ohio’s Irish heritage – but, why isn’t Rick Jackson wearing green? We take you behind the scenes of NewsDepth to answer that question!


Diplomacy (noun): Working to keep good relations between the governments of different countries. This can include talking, negotiating, and compromising.

Propaganda (noun): Material that aims to push a particular political point of view, often by using biased or misleading information.

Famine (noun): A long period of hunger when there is very little food to be had.

We learn how the far-away Russian conflict is driving up energy costs here at home. That got us wondering: What are some things that you do – or you’ll try to do – to help conserve energy?

You can use the inbox form to submit your answers.

We explain why Rick Jackson can’t wear green on NewsDepth, but we want to know: Did you wear green for St. Patrick’s Day? You can answer yes or no! Click here to vote!

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