NewsDepth A+: Honoring Fallen Service Members

This week’s NewsDepth A+ award goes to Medina High School senior Hudson Louie. He's behind a special project honoring all the fallen service members who went to Medina High School since World War 1.

It started when Hudson went on a family getaway to Logan. Hudson said they were in a cabin “without much to do,” and he noticed a brochure that featured Logan's fallen service members.

It sparked something in Hudson and made him curious.  He wanted to find out who had gone to Medina High School, joined the military, and died in combat or in service.  

This started a several-year project that included a lot of research.  Hudson spent countless hours online looking up information.  but he’s also developed relationships with other historians and historical societies.

And now Hudson has joined forces with the high school to create plaques for all of the fallen service members who went to Medina High.  From World War 1 and on, Hudson has color corrected what were previously black and white photos of these service members, making sure the uniforms, the medals, and the ribbons are the right color.  That's how knowledgeable he is of military history now!  

And these plaques will be prominently displayed at Medina High so current students can remember a bit of their history and honor those that came before them.

Hudson has also looked up all of his family’s ties to WWII and uncovered aspects of their service that his family had no idea about!  And of the nearly 20,000 Ohioans that died during WWII, he’s researched 3750 of them.  That's commitment!

Hudson is interested in going into film and incorporating his passions and research.  Maybe we’ll see documentary films he’s produced one day on the big screen.

Hudson Louie, thank you for your work!  We’re excited to award you this week’s A+ for your passion, your research, and the fact that you’re honoring those that came before you. Congratulations, we’re excited to see what’s next for you!

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