NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #27

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  This week we learned about Paul Lawrence Dunbar in honor of National Poetry Month. Write us your very own short spring poem!

Ethan, Bath Elementary:

Love from a Team

We are here all together and when we split we will be together forever.

We are a team no matter what and we can make this world a better place.

We will save our place with love and care and it will come with happiness to the world.

Hannah, Fort Meigs Elementary:

Spring is here and it's my favorite season!

If you want to know why I'll tell you the reason.

I love the flowers and colors galore!

Also spring is when the butterflies sore.

Jack and Jeremiah, Buckeye Intermediate:

Forget about the rest

Spring is the best

Forget about the winters gloom

Time for the springs bloom

The sky's brilliant color

Rises for another

Another day to savor forever

Alec, Westwood Elementary:

Spring, spring coming soon

Grass is green, and flowers bloom

Caterpillars are coming to cocoon

Bees are buzzing anywhere

Leaves are budding everywhere

Where snow is not see, nowhere

Birds are up, in the sky

While land animals, are blooming everywhere

Spring is coming,

Spring is here

I see Spring, everywhere.

Ollie and Lauren, Central Intermediate School:

Flowers burst,

Down come spring showers,

But don't get your hopes up-

The weather still could be sour.


The flowers may bloom,

The weather might thaw,

But when spring rolls around,

They'll be fun for all!


Groups might go round,

Tring to recycle,

And kids will have fun

Riding their tricycles.


It could be hot,

It could be snow,

Because here in Ohio

We'll never know!

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