NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #28

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  This week we read a great letter written by Sofia at Independence Primary about her teacher Mrs. Klag. Use her letter as an example to write to us about your teachers and why you appreciate them!

Sydney, Wilson Elementary:  I appreciate my teachers because they all care about us and teach us at the same time. Mrs. Noll is our Social studies teacher. She just doesn't teach us very well but she also likes to talk with the kids and she is always so caring for everyone.  Mrs. Jaworek is our ELA teacher, but not just a teacher but a really energetic, caring, funny person. She also teaches us very well. Mr. Davis is our Science teacher. He makes everything fun. He even let some of the 5th graders start a food drive for the whole school for our stem project! The last and final teacher is Mrs. Lynch. She is the math teacher, and she is always making math a fun place to be in. She is always caring for every kid! Even Mrs. Noll was Mrs. lynches teacher!

Gauri, Fort Meigs Elementary:  My favorite teacher is Mrs. Hanley. She is my 3rd grade teacher in Fort Meigs Elementary School. She is my favorite teacher because she always makes everything fun! In winter, my whole class got to go to other classrooms and sing silly made-up Christmas songs! For 3rd graders, the month of May is a testing month. We had to take a lot big computer tests, but Mrs. Hanley even made testing fun! After every big test, my class got to have a mini celebration, like eating popsicles and watching a movie. As you can see, Mrs. Hanley is my favorite teacher.

Krisha, Ayer Elementary:  I appreciate my teacher Mrs. Huster because I didn't like to write, and Mrs. Huster told me if I don't write, I don't get any better and I don't let my mind stretch. In Mrs. Huster's class we have to write a page every day in studio. Studio is where we have a list of things to do and we do each thing for 20 minutes. In her class we have one goal for the year, stretch as a reader and writer, and I have, all thanks to my teacher Mrs. Huster!

Grace, Nord Elementary:  I wanted to write to you about someone very special, Todd Engle, a gym teacher at my school. He passed away a few days ago from leukemia, just five days before his thirty-fifth birthday but he touched a lot of people’s hearts. Whenever someone felt left out he would always make them feel included. Even when we played something boring he would still make it fun. I can’t even explain how kind, happy, and generous he always was. He was a hero to everyone.

Ava, St. Anthony of Padua School:  My teacher is Mrs. Boyer, and she is really nice. In reading if we reach 10 million words as a class we get cake. Right now we are at 12,076,553 words and we had the cake on Wednesday. Something else that is great about her is that she lets us watch you! Mrs. Boyer is a very nice and generous person and a great teacher. Thank You!

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