NewsDepth Inbox: Season 49 - Episode #2

This week we learned about the Great American Read. Tell us about your favorite summer book! Be sure to explain why it's your favorite!

Aidan, Ralph E Waite School:  My favorite book is Lacrosse Laser by Jake Maddox because lacrosse is my favorite sport and it is really fun and athletic. It can help you get daily fitness in and you can get faster. You should play lacrosse. It is really fun.

Eli, Waynesfield Goshen Elementary:  My favorite book I read over the summer was Laugh Out Loud By James Patterson. I like this book, because it is about a kid who dreams about owning a compony and he has other people join in.

Khanh, Pleasant Run Elementary:  I read a lot of books this summer, but my favorite one that I read about six times is called Brave. The reason I love this book so much is because it talks about a boy being bullied and after time standing up for himself. It  reminds me to be strong when I have a bad day.

Kendall, Wilson Hill Elementary:  My favorite book is Wonder by R.J Palacio. I love it because it talks about a kid with facial deformities of his face. He starts middle school and at first he does not like it but at the end he starts to love school. It is cool because the chapters are different character's perspectives. I don't want to spoil anything but the book is amazing!

Addy, Deer Park Elementary:  My favorite book from this summer was See you at Harry’s by Jo Knowles. It shows the characters' emotions with vivid detail, and it’s a real tear jerker!

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