Your Answers: What job could a drone make safer?

Last week we learned how drones are used to make construction careers less dangerous. Then we asked you to write to us: What job could a drone make; safer?

"If I could use a drone to make jobs safer, I would use it to repair planes. So if planes were to going crash I could send it up there to save everyone's lives."

- Oliver from Shaw Elementary in Beavercreek

"A job that I think a drone should do is deliver items. There would be less air pollution and accidents on the road."

- Nicky from Chagrin Falls Intermediate School in Chagrin Falls

"A job a drone that could make better is for people who create aircrafts. It would make it easier to put parts together and to check the top of the plane for any problems."

- Kelsey from Troy Intermediate School in Avon Lake

"I think a job that drones could make safer is building towers because the construction worker could fall and get hurt. However, the drones do not fall, they fly."

- Riley from McCormick Middle School in Wellington

"A job that a drone can make safer is firefighting. When there is a fire, the drone can scan the area and see if there are people. Also, the drones can send down a rope so the firefighters and individuals can get out safely."

- Taryn from Corpus Christi Academy in Lyndhurst

"I would use a drone for weather watching because when there is a tornado, it will make seeing a lot safer."

- Lauren from Brunswick Memorial Elementary School in Brunswick

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