Your Answers: Create a mascot for your community.

We learned about Bing Dwen Dwen, the beloved mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and were wondering: If the Olympics were held in your community, what kind of mascot would you create?


If I made a mascot it would be a Frog. The reason it would be a frog is because when I think of a frog I think about their big, loud croke (voice) in a little body, which shows that no matter what your size is you can do anything and his name would be Joe. That is what I would make for a mascot.

— Zoey, Nord Middle School

A European gypsy moth and Indiana bat hybrid. Both are native to Ohio. His name is Echo.

— Kesha, Northwest Online School

If the Olympics were held here in Ohio, the mascot would be a buckeye named Bucky. He would be the biggest Ohio State fan and where a bunch of Ohio state gear. He would be VERY peppy, but get very competitive. If the Olympics were ever held here maybe Bucky would be good luck.

— Veronica, Independence Middle School

If I had to design a Olympic mascot, I would design a Shih Tzu named Ruby. Ruby has brown, white, and grey fur, and keeps her hair up in a high ponytail in a red rubber band. She has dark green eyes, And wears a white t-shirt with the Olympic logo on it. She also has a streak of dark green fur in her ponytail.

— Beatrix, Olmsted Falls Intermediate

This is what our mascot would be if the Olympics were held in Ohio. His name would be Russel which is a French word meaning redhead. He would be a cardinal because Ohio's state bird is a cardinal. This is our Mascot for the Olympics if they were held in our community. 

— Braxton and Mason, River Valley Heritage Elementary

I would create a bald eagle on ice skates because America's symbol is a bald eagle and because eagles fly and they would fly across the ice like they were fliying through the sky but on ice skates.

— Bella and Audrey, Tallmadge Elementary school

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