Your Answers: What activity would you add to the Winter Olympics?

We learn about the history of the Olympics, and some of the sports that are played in the Winter Olympics. And we want to know: What activity would you add to the Winter Olympics?


I would definitely add snowman building. The Olympians would build a snowman with their family. You would get more points by making it rounder and adding stuff like carrots or buttons. But if it falls over you lose all your points and thats what activity i would add.

— Braylon, North Ridgeville Academic Center


I think Icicle ring toss should be a part of the winter Olympics it would be they would take icicles and their would be a icicle headband and they would try to get the different color of Olympic rings on the icicle.

— Charlotte, River Valley Heritage Elementary


I think an activity they should have is an ice/snow sculpting contest. I think they should have this because people who are more artistic can have a chance to shine. There could be different topics for each round, (like "Sculpt a land animal!"), and they would have a limited amount of time to build and sculpt. I think they should have this because the artists that are watching, like me, can enjoy the Olympics more. :)

— Millie, Euclid Middle School


I think that ice skating basketball should be a winter sport because regular basketball is boring to watch, but if ice skating basketball was a winter sport I think it would be cool to watch!

— Jaycee, Jefferson Elementary


I would add a hot cocoa drinking contest. I would put it at the end of the Olympics so you would go home feeling warm and toasty. You would drink 2 gallons of hot cocoa and only the teams that took home the most medals could compete. If it was a activity in the Olympics I would be first in line to compete. That is the activity I would add to the winter Olympics.

— Mark, Greentown Intermediate

I think that sledding should be a part of Winter Olympics. I feel this way because it is so popular to sled and it would be fun for the players to do and it is fun to watch the look on their faces. What they could do is whoever gets down the hill faster wins. There should also be obstacles like ramps and hoops. That is why I think that sledding would be a good sport to add to the Winter Olympics.

— Olivia, Westlake Elementary

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