Your Answers: Who would you name your school after?

We learn about some Cleveland schools that are reevaluating their names, and now we're wondering: If your school had to be renamed, who would you name it after?


If my school had to be renamed, I would name in Booker. T. Washington Elementary because Booker. T. Washington is loosely related to me, and he was an activist who helped Black slaves become free. That is why I would choose Booker. T. Washington as my new school name.

— Cece, Westlake Elementary

If my school had to be renamed, I would name it after Joe Biden, because he is a good person, and I am happy that he's president. He has helped deal with COVID, and is doing really great things. I would also name it Joe Biden, because Joe Biden Elementary School sounds really good, and something like Ariana Grande Elementary School just sounds weird, and I wouldn't want my school to be named after a singer who probably hasn't even been to Columbus, or maybe even Ohio. That is why I would rename my school after Joe Biden.

— Bruno, Granby Elementary School

If my school had to be renamed I would choose Ronald Sega. I choose him because he graduated from Nordonia High School and was in the Air Force and was a NASA astronaut. Now he is retired from his job. 

— Ava, Rushwood Elementary

I would name it after Trump because I think he was the best president and also that is who I want to be like when I grow up. 

— Gabe, Waynesfield Goshen Local School

If I had to rename my school, I would pick Susan B. Anthony. Susan was a woman's right activist. She was one of the main woman's right activist with her friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton. They told every woman to stand up to the laws the woman faced. Sadly Susan never got to see her work be finished. She died before the 19th Amendment. This is why I think Susan B. Anthony should be the name of our school.

— Maddie, East Woods Intermediate

My school is virtual, so I was thinking somebody that had to deal with technology. So I got this: Bill Gates Online School of the NorthWest. It doesn't sound too good in my opinion but who knows? Why not put the guy who made Microsoft?

— Lindsey, Northwest Online School

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