Gas Prices Rising; Child's Medical Treatment Case; Economic Impact Of Early Childhood Education

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Memorial Day is around the corner and gas prices are around the corner from three bucks a gallon and headed there fast. The average price in Cleveland, for example, shot up 17 cents in a week to $2.84. What's driving up the prices? We discuss the factors that analysts believe will drive up the price of a barrell of crude oil, and ultimately a gallon of gas. Plus, details on the state's effort to compel a local child's parents to follow doctor's orders, and not their own natural remedies, to treat their child's brain tumor. Plus, an economist's case for investing in early childhood education.


John Funk, Business Reporter, The Cleveland Plain Dealer  
Andrea Simakis, Feature Writer, The Cleveland Plain Dealer  
Arthur Rolnick, Ph.D. Professor of Economics, Senior Fellow, Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota  

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